Birth Doulas

Board President

Teri Nava-Anderson, PhD, CD/PCD, ICCE, CLE
Harmony Doula Group

(408) 391-7797
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Teri is a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Doula Trainer and Mentor, VBAC Specialist, Childbirth and Lactation Educator, certified Professional Aromatherapist, and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She is an experienced practitioner and teaches on subjects such as acupressure and rebozo use from labor, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, guided meditation, aromatherapy safety, and helping doulas to assist trauma survivors and LGBTQIA parents. She has been helping families achieve their best birth since 2008.

Vice President

Angela Steele, CD(DONA)
Your East Bay Doulas

(925) 403-1475

Angela believes in you and your ability to birth your baby. She will support you without judgement or her own agenda in whatever capacity you desire. Her goal is to help you have the birth you dream about, a birth that will have you feeling transformed.


Deanna M. Dawson-Jesus, CD, CLE
Birthing Babies ~ A Celebration of Life
(925) 216-7264
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Twitter: @BrthnBabies

Deanna is a professional Birth Doula with fourteen years of experience. She has an extensive background as a patient advocate, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Support Specialist, and VBAC Specialist. She offers specialized services for families working through Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Perinatal Loss Support.




Kim is a certified birth and postpartum doula, and lactation educator counselor. She is passionate about working with families in underserved communities, helping them to have the birth they envision and thrive in the postpartum period.

Affiliates Director

Kathryn Webb
Your East Bay Doulas

(925) 403-1475

Service area: East Bay, Delta Valley, and Tri-Valley

Kathryn views her job as ensuring you, her clients, are fully informed and then fully supported in your choices, whatever they may be. You are the owner of your birth. Not your doctor, midwife, hospital, or doula. She believes your experience matters.

Hospital Liaison
Emeritus Board Member

Holly Wiersma, CD(DONA), LCCE
(925) 947-5874
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Holly has been a DONA Certified Birth Doula since 1996 and has served over 400 families. She is a VBAC Specialist. She is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator.

Susan Jessee, CD/PCD, CBE (AAHCC)
Embrace Birth

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Susan is a certified Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula. She have been attending hospital and homebirths since 2002. Encouraging a mother and her partner to listen to and trust her own body as she gives birth is her passion.

Renata Provost, CD(DONA), LE, NCS
(510) 421-3477

Renata has been attending births since 2010 and has experience in most hospitals in the Bay Area.

Kristine DiTano, CCE, CD, BA
Doula Pride

(415) 307-6939

Kristine has been serving the birthing community for 20+ years as a DONA-certified birth doula and is also a Hypnobabies doula, Kaiser Permanente childbirth educator, and newborn care instructor.

Abbie Alvey, CD(DONA), IBCLC
Nurture Doula Services

(925) 639-3512

Serving area: East Bay

Abbie’s mission is to educate and provide laboring women loving and practical birth support. After her doula certification through DONA in 2011 she went on to become a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor to help bridge the gap of breastfeeding support.

Rebecca Duncan
Empathic Doula Services
(925) 765-7866
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Rebecca is a birth and postpartum doula who specializes in LGBT, lactation support, sleep support, baby signs, and babywearing.

Leah Giles
Belly Coach - Bay Area Doula Services


Leah is a Birth and Postpartum Doula. She is passionate about helping woman feel comforted, supported and safe. Offering compassionate care during delivery and/or easing into your new family life at home.

Christine Torres, CLD (CBI), PpD, CBE, BC
New Birth Services, LLC

(707) 563-1171

Christine is birth and postpartum doula, as well as a childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor. She also has a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Science which she uses to enhance her skills. She has experience working with families from different cultural backgrounds and is fluent in Spanish. Her education and experience allows her to work with each client on an individual basis and provide non-judgmental support for the experience that each family desires.

Sara Thompson
Warm Hands Birth Services

(925) 339-5960
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Service area: Tri-Valley, Diablo Valley, and East Bay Area

Helping families prepare for their births is Sara's passion and delight. She works with parents planning all different routes to delivery, from homebirth to planned cesarean. She specializes in diverse families, multiples, preemies, breastfeeding support, LGBTQ+ parents and nighttime postpartum support.


Jessica Garcez
(510) 246-6223

Jessica is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and placenta specialist.

Andrea Tyrrell

Andrea is a DONA certified birth doula who aims to empower families through the choices about birth that are right for them. From home births to inductions, she feels all births can be positive and understands how important this journey is to each individual. Working with massage techniques and Spinning Babies, Andrea approaches birth with wide knowledge of the human body and many tools on how to support your full being, mentally, physically, and spiritually, through the journey of child birth.

Sara Marks Brown, MA

Originally from England/Sweden, Sara is a professionally trained birth and postpartum doula. She has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked with babies, children, and families for over 40 years. She has experience working with families from many different cultural backgrounds as well as young mothers and the LGBTIQ community. A mother of two adult children, Sara is dedicated to supporting families in a caring, non-judgmental, and compassionate way, during pregnancy, labor and in the first few weeks at home.